No Fee Unless Recovery Is Made.

“Fee-Shifting” exists under the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.  In other words, if you are found to have “prevailed” in your lawsuit, the Landlord shall pay all court costs and reasonable attorneys fees.  Chicago RLTO Section 5-12-180 expressly states: “the prevailing plaintiff in any action arising of a landlord’s or tenant’s application of the right or remedies made available in this ordinance shall be entitled to all court costs and reasonable attorneys fees.” (Added Council Journal of Proceedings, November 6, 1991, page 7219).”  Please contact us to learn more about our contingent fee structure for Chicago tenant-landlord disputes.

Chicago Security Deposit & Interest Recovery.

As landlord-tenant lawyers, it is our firm’s goal to provide Chicago tenants with a service to obtain the return of their security deposit, interest, and penalties as allowed under the Chicago RLTO Section 5-12-080. Contact us if you have reason to believe that your landlord failed to return your security deposit in a timely fashion, failed to provide you with copes of “paid receipts” (and not invoices) for all security deposit deductions, or failed to pay you any mandatory interest earned on your security deposit based on Chicago City rates.  The Chicago RLTO is the law and we all must learn to comply with the strict language contained within each section. As landlord-tenant lawyers, we understand these laws and are here to help.

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We Terminate Leases and Have a 100% Proven Success Rate.

Aaron Krolik Law Office, P.C. has had success at representing Chicago renters that wish to terminate their written or oral residential leases – for any reason (whether you feel unsafe, whether you need to change locations due to a new job, etc..).  The most important items in evaluating whether a Chicago rental agreement can be broken is the following: Did your Landlord supply a written “Summary” of the Chicago RLTO, which must include mandatory porch and deck safety language; AND Did your Landlord supply a “separate summary” of security deposit interest rates for the current year and previous two (2) years.  If your Chicago Landlord did not provide you with these mandated document forms, we can definitely help you - so call us at 312-924-0278 or Contact Us! 

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Landlord Lease Compliance and Evictions.

Aaron Krolik Law Office, P.C. represents Chicago landlords in various tenant-landlord rental law disputes. The firm’s landlord services range from drafting (and guaranteeing) compliant leases to providing eviction services. 

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