Our Services

We Break Leases.

Do you need to legally terminate your Chicago residential lease?
Email Aaron or call us at 312-924-0278 to find out how.

We Recover Security Deposits.

Did your landlord fail to return your deposit in a timely fashion, fail to provide “paid receipts” (not invoices) for deductions, or fail to pay mandatory interest earned on your security deposit? 
Call us at 312-924-0278 or email Aaron to see if we can recover your security deposit.

Your Landlord Pays our Fee.

Should we have to go to court to recover your deposit, the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance dictates that the Landlord shall pay the court costs and reasonable attorneys fees of the prevailing plaintiff.

Landlord Lease Compliance and Evictions.

Aaron Krolik Law Office also represents Chicago landlords. Our landlord services range from drafting compliant leases to providing eviction services. 

Call 312-924-0278 or email Aaron and let us help you today.