Rental Agreements in Chicago

Pursuant to RLTO Section 5-12-030 (g), a “Rental agreement” means all written or oral agreements embodying the terms and conditions concerning the use and occupancy of a dwelling unit by a tenant.

According to Aaron Krolik, “Essentially NO ONE SIGNS their rental agreement with a full understanding of their rights under the Chicago RLTO.” Section 5-12-140(a) of the CRLTO, entitled “Rental Agreement” (See pages 19-20) expressly provides that rights never be waived in a rental agreement by either landlord or tenant. This language subjects leases to the mercy of the CRLTO.

Except as otherwise specifically provided by this chapter, no rental agreement may provide that the landlord or tenant:
(a) Agrees to waive or forego rights, remedies or obligations provided under this chapter;

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