Need To Break Your Logan Square Lease?

Logan Square is a wonderful neighborhood in Chicago, but circumstances may necessitate breaking your lease and moving elsewhere. Whether you need to pursue a new job, return home for family reasons, have issues with your landlord, or simply no longer want to live where you live, Aaron Krolik can help you break the lease for your Logan Square apartment. If Aaron cannot break your lease, you won’t be charged. 

Chicago renters are protected by the Chicago Rental Landlord Tenant Ordinance, which grants rights to Logan Square tenants that cannot be rescinded or violated. Your landlord in Logan Square is obligated to provide you with a summary of the security deposit interest rates at present and over the course of the past two years, whether your lease is new or whether you renewed your lease. Your right to this information cannot be waived, even if you have signed your lease or made an oral agreement without it. If you know that you did not receive this summary, or need Aaron to determine this for you, contact us.

Tenant rights attorney Aaron Krolik has years of experience in breaking leases and recovering security deposits.. Contact Aaron online or call 312-924-0278 today to break your Logan Square apartment lease.

Neighborhood Profile: Logan Square

Logan Square in Chicago is a beautiful area of the city, with numerous historical homes and several cultural centers. This area of Chicago is well-connected to the rest of the city with three stops on the CTA Blue Line. Logan Square was once a major outpost for Norwegian-Americans, and it still retains the charm of their settlement, with Norwegian influenced street names and the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in the neighborhood.

Logan Square was recently named one of the 10 "hottest" neighborhoods in the entire country by brokerage firm Redfin. Bustling with activity, Logan Square rents are creeping upward, as are rents all across the city. If you want to break your Logan Square lease, contact Aaron Krolik. Aaron Krolik is a lease doctor who can diagnose your lease and determine how to break it – guaranteed. Send your lease to Aaron Krolik for a free consultation if you are interested in breaking your Logan Square lease. Contact Aaron today!

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