Chicago Building & Fair Housing Codes

The City of Chicago has enacted codes to ensure landlords maintain their properties and treat all tenants fairly. In addition to the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO), which protects tenants already in a rental agreement, landlords must adhere to the Municipal Code in regards to building/property upkeep and fair housing practices even before the rental contract is signed.
These codes are there to protect potential renters or lessees from wrong-doing by the landlord in the form of discrimination and/or poor property upkeep. Landlords are prohibited from denying a potential renter because of age, race, sex, sexual orientation or religion. If you have been a victim of this type of discrimination, you have options.

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In addition to the discrimination laws in regards to property rental, landlords are also required to upkeep their properties at all times. No excuses. This means any and all problems related to the elevators or stairs, electricity, plumbing, any mechanical apparatuses, infestation, fire warning/protection, structural or foundation issues must be taken care of immediately upon request.
If you have requested repairs and your landlord has not taken action, we can help!

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You deserve piece of mind. You deserve to enjoy the property you are renting. As Chicago landlord-tenant lawyers, we can help with building and fair housing code violations. Chicago tenant rights are there for a reason, do not be taken advantage of. Your landlord has the responsibility to treat each tenant fairly and equally as well as to maintain the property being rented.
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