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Aaron Krolik Law Office is located at
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About Aaron Krolik Law Office

Aaron Krolik Law Office, P.C. is the leading law firm in Chicago, Illinois for Chicago tenant rights, landlord rights, Chicago security deposit law, class actions, and personal injury disputes including premises liability and negligence.  Aaron is know for his ability to quickly and successfully help renters break their Chicago lease and recover their Chicago security deposit.

Email Aaron or call 312-924-0278 to resolve your issue today.

A skilled litigator and orator, Aaron Krolik has won more than 100 bench trials in his career.  Priding himself on responsiveness and youthful energy, Aaron represents his clients to the fullest by returning all emails within 24 hours and keeping office hours on the weekends. Aaron guarantees that his savvy work-ethic and attitude will always be on display to ensure the best possible result for his clients.

After graduating from the University of Illinois in Champaign, Aaron attended law school at Indiana University where he served as managing editor of the Federal Communications Law Journal, the official law journal of the FCC. Aaron was admitted to the Illinois State Bar and Federal Bar in 2003 and began the firm one year later. He is currently a member of the Illinois Bar Association and the Chicago Bar Association.

Class Actions

Since 2006, Aaron Krolik Law Office, P.C. has certified sixteen class actions as lead counsel in the First District, Chicago, Illinois.  These class actions consisted of Chicago tenants whose Landlord(s) violated Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Sections 5-12-080 (security deposits) and/or 5-12-170 (Failure to provide RLTO Summaries).

  1. Johnson v. 6610 North Sheridan et al, 06 CH 07887 (Judge Sophia Hall);
  2. Wolfe v.  Waterton Properties, 06 CH 15510 (Judge Rita Novak);
  3. McAllister v. MEPT McClurg Court, No. 08 CH 28166 (Judge Martin Agran);
  4. Beasley v. Michigan Beach Apartments, No. 08 CH 33566 (Judge Kahtleen Pantle);
  5. Johnson v. Central City Management Co., No. 08 CH 34743 (Judge James Epstein);
  6. Kennedy v. St. Edmond’s Village, Inc. No. 08 CH 35529 (Judge Martin Agran);
  7. Brown v. LFL Regal, Case No. 08 CH 36401 (Judge Mary-Anne Mason);
  8. Ratleff v. Irmco Properties, No. 08 CH 36949 (Judge Martin Agran);
  9. Sengupta v. MPA Onterie, No. 08 CH 37607 (Judge Martin Agran);
  10. Cheikhameguyaz v. Hawthorne House, 08 CH 38071 (Judge Sophia Hall);
  11. Daly v. NNP Residential, No. 08 CH 41112 (Judge Kathleen Rochford);
  12. Smale v. Rent Smart, 09 CH 19064 (Judge Stuart Palmer);
  13. Kovandzic v. Bervin, 10 CH 03956 (Judge Richard J. Billik, Jr.);
  14. Bloom v. 1100 Dearborn LLC, No. 11 CH 02509 (Judge Michael B. Hyman);
  15. Shprtiz v. Elliott House Condo, No. 11 CH 17332 (Judge Richard J. Billik, Jr.);
  16. Corchin v. Tailor Lofts, LLC, No. 11 CH 44480 (Judge Peter Flynn);

Aaron on TV

Aaron Krolik is a leader in Chicago Tenants Rights and as such his expertise is in demand, not only from clients in Chicago, but from media outlets as well. Check out Aaron’s recent WGN appearance below for more information on his work and on the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance.

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