Chicago Landlord-Tenant Lawyers

What is a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer?

A landlord-tenant lawyer is an attorney familiar with landlord and tenant rights and who practices within the landlord-tenant laws that govern these parties. These lawyers are well-versed in landlord-tenant disputes and are prepared to represent either party in disagreements that require legal action. It is important to understand that each party in a landlord-tenant dispute has rights and each deserves the proper legal representation. There are laws here in Chicago to ensure both parties are treated fairly.

Why Hire a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer?

Landlord-tenant lawyers can help resolve disputes associated with rented or leased property. These disputes can involve anything from property upkeep, pet agreements, lease or rent agreements, among other things. More often than not contractual discrepancies and property upkeep are reasons individuals hire a landlord-tenant dispute attorney. You will need an attorney specialized in landlord-tenant disputes to analyze the contract and make sure nothing is overlooked.

Chicago Landlord-Tenant Lawyers

Here at Aaron Krolik Law Office in Chicago we have been practicing as landlord-tenant lawyers for over 10 years. We understand Chicago landlord-tenant law. We have represented countless individuals such as yourself and assisted them in resolving their landlord-tenant disputes. It is important for you to understand you have rights as a landlord or a tenant, it is our job to assist you in resolving your disputes!

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