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Eviction attorney, Aaron Krolik, has been practicing Chicago landlord-tenant law for over 10 years and has a proven track record. His team of eviction lawyers will work hard to make sure your eviction goes as planned.

The Eviction Process in Chicago

The eviction process in Chicago can take up to a few months to complete successfully, sometimes even longer. Assuming there are no special clauses in the leasing contract, a landlord must give the notice of eviction to the tenant at least 5 days before the tenant must vacate the property. Once the 5 days is up, then it is time to file suit in the proper court if the tenant has not removed themselves and their belongings from the property. The landlord will receive a court date and the tenant must be notified again about the court date; it is up to Cook County Sheriff's Department to ensure the tenant is notified about the court date. At this point, the process is completely dependent on the tenant, Cook County Sheriff's Department and the courts.

Why You Need a Chicago Eviction Lawyer

We understand the eviction laws here in Chicago and would like to help with your case. Most landlords don’t realize that the eviction laws in Chicago are tedious and the entire eviction process can take quite a long time. Most cases are dependent upon the courts and their ruling; this is where we can help. There are strict guidelines that must be followed when a landlord carries out an eviction, if these guidelines are not followed exactly as stated by the law, the eviction can be voided. It is important to have an eviction lawyer review your materials to ensure there is a valid case and all of the rules are being followed.

Chicago Eviction Lawyers

Our team of Chicago eviction lawyers is extremely familiar with the eviction laws here in Chicago. We’re experienced landlord-tenant lawyers who can help you remove unwanted tenants. If you are in need of assistance with the eviction process, call us today at 312-924-0278 or Contact Us online.