Chicago Apartments for Young Professionals

Young professionals are great potential tenants for Chicago landlords. They value culture and thriving neighborhoods while still wanting a comfortable apartment to come home to at the end of the day that really feels like home (in other words, they are not college students!). It's an age group the ranks of which have swelled with the recovery of the economy, helping graduates out of their parents' homes and into the renters' market. Now that they are employed, they have disposable income and look for added features and amenities in the apartments they wish to rent - they will pay for granite countertops, new appliances, and other features that make the apartment a great investment for you as a landlord. What should you do to make your apartment appealing to the young professional market?

Make it eco-friendly. Young professionals value smoke free apartments, fitness centers, recycling, and cost-efficient heating, cooling, and power in general. They like to know they are helping the environment, and lowering the cost of their bills doesn't hurt, either.

Include amenities, or make that a big part of your pitch. If you don't have a gym in your apartment building, that's ok - but be sure to inform potential residents of the great fitness opportunities that exist in the neighborhood. Young professionals may find what's in the neighborhood to be just as attractive as what is in the complex.

Highlight the neighborhood's special character. For young professionals looking for one or two bedroom apartments, living somewhere that's got a lot going on is often a priority. It makes it easier for them to socialize and proud of where they live. New restaurants, cafes, farmers' markets, bookstores, music venues, and so on are important factors in choosing where to sign a lease. Quality of life is not so much about nearby schools as it is nearby shops, hangouts, and public transportation.

When you've gone to great efforts to securing the best possible tenants, be sure that your lease is legally sound and official. Every year Chicago landlords make many of the same mistakes and end up with a document that can be legally broken because it does not follow the provisions in the Chicago Residential Landlord & Tenant Ordinance, leaving landlords paying the cost of legal fees and more. Contact Aaron Krolik today to be sure your lease is airtight and your leases are legal in the city of Chicago.