Chicago Apartments for Young Couples

Much like young professionals (many young couples fall into this group) young couples tend to look for hip neighborhoods and well-cared for apartments with added features and amenities. As a landlord, young couples are a great potential tenant group – with a fair amount of disposable income but still not ready to buy a home, young couples can be great tenants for years.

How do you attract these prime potential renters to your apartment?

Emphasize the most appealing things about the neighborhood. Young couples are more likely to be interested in brunch than in staying out til 2 am at Chicago’s more popular watering holes. They may be more community inclined than other renters, and interested in things like farmers’ markets, locally owned shops, local gyms, and parks.

Emphasize status symbols. Whether their taste runs toward the more traditional status symbols of The Loop or Lincoln Park, or the edgy status symbol of living in Bucktown or Wicker Park, young couples will find the idea of living in a beautiful apartment building in one of these neighborhoods appealing. Don’t shy away from emphasizing the appeal of the zip code, and be sure to let potential renters know that there are many others who may be interested in renting the apartment for that reason – as there surely will be a line out the door waiting for apartments in such neighborhoods to open up.

Kitchens and amenities. Chicago provides more space for the young renter than other cities like New York and San Francisco, and young couples are likely to look for well-designed interiors, nice kitchens, and if not a dining area a common area large enough to support a kitchen table as well as a more traditional living room setup.

Pet friendly. Many young couples have gotten their start on building a family by introducing a cat or a dog into the mix. If you are willing to make your apartment building pet friendly, you may find you are able to accomodate a wider group of young couples.

Young couples can be great renters for years, but if your lease can be broken, nothing will stop them from walking away. Contact Aaron Krolik today to ensure that your lease is legal and official and that you are following all the provisions strictly laid out in the renter friendly Chicago Residential Landlord & Tenant Ordinance. Issuing legal leases to your tenants will save you headaches and money in the long run and is a great investment for the future. Contact Aaron Krolik today to learn more!