Breaking Your Single Family Home Lease in Chicago

There are many reasons the resident of a single family home in Chicago might want to break a lease. Whether dissatisfied with the unit, presented with a new job opportunity in another city, or expanding a family, breaking a Chicago lease can often be a pressing issue. How can you be sure you can break your lease without penalty?

Email tenant rights attorney Aaron Krolik today or call 312-924-0278 to have your lease reviewed. If your lease cannot be legally terminated, there is no fee. Renters in Chicago are covered under the Chicago Rental Landlord Tenant Ordinance, which guarantees renters rights that cannot be violated or rescinded.

Your landlord is obligated to provide a summary of the rate of security deposit interest for the present time and the past two years, as part of a new lease or a renewed lease. If the lease is an oral agreement, the landlord is still obligated to give the tenant this summary. This is one of your rights as a tenant in the city of Chicago, and cannot be waived, even if you sign a lease or agree to a lease orally without this information included. If you have not received this summary, contact tenant rights lawyer Aaron Krolik today to break your lease.

Aaron Krolik brings to bear to Chicago leases years of experience and casework and is a virtual lease doctor. Let Aaron diagnose your Chicago residential lease. If you need to move out of your single family Chicago home quickly, contact Aaron to determine if you can terminate your lease with as little as 1 day written notice.

Will I get my deposit on my single family Chicago home back?

Return of the deposit is guaranteed. In fact, in studying your lease, Aaron Krolik may find that you are legally entitled to double your deposit.

There is a no clean hands doctrine under the RLTO, and the RLTO gives you rights that cannot be waived. You don’t have to worry about breaking your single family home lease in Chicago when you work with Aaron Krolik.

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