Rental Agreements Under the RLTO

There is NO "Standard" Chicago Rental Agreement or Lease.

Tenants often tell me that they have received a standard City of Chicago lease.  Let me assure you that the City of Chicago does not endorse any lease form and nothing is "standard" when it comes to rental agreements.

Under Chicago RLTO Section 5-12-140(a), no rental agreement may provide that the landlord or tenant "agrees to waive or forego rights, remedies or obligations provided under this chapter."  Bottom line:  Your lease is subject to the Chicago RLTO and you have rights no matter what you sign!

If a Chicago landlord attempts to enforce a prohibited provision in a tenant's lease, a Tenant may be entitled to two (2) months rent as damages plus reasonable attorneys fees and costs pursuant to RLTO Section 5-12-180.

Please contact us if you think your lease contains unlawful provisions or if you wish to know your rights under this section.